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Capturing Peace through Simplicity, one Shot at a Time

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What others are saying about Peaceful Simplicity

Simplicity birthes peace within the heart and mind. Tammy’s brilliantly subtle messages and blissful photos evoke that still small voice within, inviting us to breathe and smile.

Zoli - Missoula, Montana

Tammy's photography together with the quotes is exquisite.  Peaceful Simplicity is such an encouragement and inspiration to so many,
We need more peace and more simplicity in this time of  chaos and  uncertainty. 

 I am a regular visitor to  your site and I wish you all the best. Thank you Tammy for your dedication to your passion "Peaceful Simplicity" . 

Mark ~ North Carolina

I am a follower of Peaceful Simplicity. I loved it since the first time I saw it. Tammy has the gift of capture through her pictures the beauty of nature and with her quotes makes me realize that life is beautiful and that I am part of it, no matter what problems I face everyday.

Thanks for sharing.

Teresa de Jesus Buccio  -  Mexico

Tammy, keep doing what you are doing. I can't tell you adequately the impact your work has made in my life.  I'm so happy that I stumbled onto your website. 

Gabe ~ Florida

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